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Ethiopian drama series Sew le Sew and ETV’s Controversy

Sew le Sew, an Amharic series drama that has been aired on Ethiopian Television (ETV) for the past three years now has entered into a

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Nuzazew 

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie 

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Yimechesh Ye Arada Lij 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie 

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Wello

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie Misale

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Ramat Lehi

Watch The Ethiopian Movie Ramat Lehi


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Very Sad: 10 Year Old Ethiopian Boy Kills Himself

Very Sad: 10 Year Old Ethiopian Boy Kills Himself

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Mahlet Gebregiorgis - Lisaney

Mahlet Gebregiorgis - Lisaney

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This Olympic Athlete turned the Rio Running track into a Protest

This Olympic athlete turned the Rio running track into a protest against Ethiopia’s treatment of the disadvantaged Oromo people.

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Daniel Sintayehu

Listen to Ethiopian Music by Daniel Sintayehu

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Ethiopian Man caught in Abu Dhabi for 9M Birr Check Fraud scheme

Ethiopian Man caught in Abu Dhabi and returned to Addis Ababa for a 9 Million Birr Check Fraud scheme.

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Saddest Story Of Ethiopian Mekdes

Saddest Story Of Ethiopian Mekdes


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Wow: Stylish 86-Year-old Grandma Just Got Married and She Made a Gorgeous Bride

It is never too late to find love! 86-year-old Nana Millie-Morrison tied the knots with the love of her life, Harold Morrson, 85, in a

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Uhuru Kenyatta Releases 7,000 Prisoners to Get Space for Corruption Criminals

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday released 7,000 offenders who were about to clear their sentences to "open space to jail the big corrupt government officers." President

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“We Don’t Care if We Get Killed”

Ethiopia's massive protests are getting desperate - and dangerous The Ethiopian government has declared a state of emergency in the country as it intensifies a crackdown

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Amnesty International Event Spotlights Ethiopia Crisis

An event organized by the Manhattan- based Amnesty International volunteer group, which is free and open to the public, is scheduled on the evening of

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Lucy Academy Launches the First E-Learning Platform

Lucy Academy has developed the first electronic learning /e-learning/ system in Ethiopia. The academy who specialized in the engineering field has announced earlier this week

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Carnegie Hall Presents Mahmoud Ahmed

Tonight Ethiopian music legend Mahmoud Ahmed takes center stage at Carnegie Hall in New York City in his first solo performance at the world-famous venue. Carnegie